PCT WA Section H

Oct. 5: Mt. Adams

Got a good start around 8am for a relatively plain section to begin. Occasionally got some good views of the volcanos and some small ponds and lakes. Stopped for lunch on a rock beside a dirt road just outside the wilderness around noon, but nothing super interesting until mid afternoon, when the trail came alongside the lava field and Mt. Adams came into view.

At the end of the lava field was the aptly named Lava Spring, a spring worth seeing, but I continued up the hill to Muddy Fork Tributary to get a bit of water and eat a snack.

The rest of the day was a long gentle climb up the lower slopes of Mt. Adams before reaching the edge of a meadow where Killen Creek spills off into a lower meadow. Following a nearby side trail led to a huge flat sandy spot that dwarfed my little tent in the corner once I had set it up. Following the trail further led to a small waterfall tumbling off the side of the mountain. The views of the peak were incredible and the sound of the distant waterfall made sleeping here very peaceful.

Total distance: 20 miles

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